Apartment units for rent

NBN speed internet (200Mbps upload and 200Mbps download) is available for our residents and we have been able to do a deal with an internet company to purchase BULK internet and provide our tenants with access to unlimited high speed internet (10 x ADSL 2+) at a cheaper price than current internet providers. The speed is fantastic for streaming services such as NETFLIX, STAN and PRESTO. It is worth noting most NBN plans only guarantee 5-12 Mbps on their basic plan whereas our residents are achieving 30-35 Mbps through their WIFI modem during peak periods (If you are using the internet via WIFI then the maximum Mbps is limited to 54 Mbps). To achieve maximum Mbps your device needs to connect directly to the modem via LAN cable.

Each unit contains a wireless access point which means you can be surfing the internet within an hour of moving in to your apartment and you don’t require any hardware. Best of all there are no lock in contracts or minimum charge. We will provide more information during your apartment inspection.

  • No lock in contracts
  • No setup fees
  • No peak / off peak throttling
  • Wifi router installed and configured in your apartment
  • Immediate connection or scheduled for your move in day