Floor plans

floor plans sketch

Isedale has a selection of 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartment townhouse units. Building A which is on the right hand side looking at Isedale has 28 units while Building B which is on the left hand side looking at the Isedale has 47 units.

Floor levelBuilding A, 1 BedroomBuilding A, 2 BedroomBuilding A, 3 BedroomBuilding B, 1 BedroomBuilding B, 2 BedroomBuilding B, 3 Bedroom
GroundA-T01 B-T01 B-T02 B-T03
1st floorA102 A103A101B102B101 B103 B104
2nd floorA202 A203 A204 A205A201B202 B206B201 B203 B204 B205 B207 B208
3rd floorA302 A303 A304 A305A301B302 B306B301 B303 B304 B305 B307 B308
4th floorA402 A403 A404 A405A401B402 B406B401 B403 B404 B405 B407 B408
5th floorA502 A503 A504 A505A501B502 B506B501 B503 B504 B505 B507 B508
6th floorA602 A603 A604 A605A601B602 B605 B606B601 B603 B604 B607 B608